Flash in the Pan: Out of Pocket

A little update with one of my favourites.

‘Out of Pocket’ was the first flash fiction I ever wrote and it amazed me how so few words (only 132!) could have such an effect on audiences. I had the honour of reading this as my debut at the 2016 Cheltenham Poetry Festival as part of a collection put together by the University of Gloucestershire ‘Love & Death & Other Things’.


Out of Pocket

He told himself he’d bought it on a whim. It meant nothing that he’d changed his route to work to pass by the shop, spending long minutes gazing through the windows. In restless dreams he had asked her with every shining piece in the display.

In sleep, no planning was needed. In reality he wanted it to be perfect – natural, not forced, earnest but not pressuring. He lost himself to it. The tiny box in his pocket was worn smooth by the constant touch of his fingers. It became his talisman of hope, of courage, of love.

Only, planning was worthless now. Everything in his life was reduced to cinders, except for the box still hidden in his pocket.

He kept the box forever…the ring he buried with her.


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